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Tanja Tamše ~ Weight Loss 20 lbs ~ Slovenia

Through the past few months I was living my life, having ups and downs, taking care of my babies and looking for new work projects that would catch my attention and really make me tick. I was watching the news, talking to my friends, looking through Facebook…when I noticed something. One of my friends suddenly started posting unusually interesting things and she seemed to have started traveling more and her business picked up and on top of it all, SHE LOOKED GREAT, she looked HAPPY!

I was intrigued, I wanted to know more. So I followed her – on Facebook. More cool information started popping up. Then one day, I saw IT! A kind of invitation to join her army of warriors in The Art of Fat War. ‘Ladies apply for a journey you will never regret – only 6 out of 10 spots are available!’ I was getting nervous – what is this, what is happening, what she is up to!?!?

Then I did some research and found the PERFECT TIGHTS! OMG! YES. That’s it, that’s what I need, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. THE PUSH. THE INSPIRATION. I signed up for The Art of Fat War. My pair of PERFECT TIGHTS arrived on July 11th. The day of my awakening. I never took them off since! And on 11th September, after two months of The Art of Fat War: rope jumping every second day, healthy diet and wearing Perfect Tights I found myself 20 pounds lighter.

I wasn’t happy for the past year or so. I was not happy with myself, I was not happy with the way I looked, I was not happy with my professional life…it was as if nothing was going right. But now after losing 20 pounds I am happy back again. I am already getting new cool projects to work on, my marriage is alive again (we are laughing together again).I am more confident, I feel better in my own skin – my husband sees the change in me. He looks at me differently. He 100% supports my new way of life, he is happy to see me get happier day by day!

You change a small thing in your life; very soon you will start to see big changes happening. Feeling better about myself on daily basis, being more energetic, more relaxed… It resulted in having even more fun times with my kids, being more patient with them, and my husband.

All of a sudden ideas keep popping up in my head – for all areas of my life. FEELS GOOD!

My Perfect Tights are my best weapon. They keep me going! Will I continue wearing them? – Oh yes! Will I endorse them? – Oh yes, I highly endorse Perfect Tights same as I do endorse Jane’s life changing weight loss game The Art of Fat War!

Julia Antufjew ~ Weight Loss 30 lbs ~ Germany

The Art of Fat War and Perfect Tights truly did change my life. I have lost 30 pounds of weight and became a different, way much happier version of myself. I have been able to speed up my weight loss at least 4X wearing Perfect Tights every day: during day time and during exercise. My 30 pounds of excess weight went off in 14 weeks time.

I could not follow any weight loss program before, no matter which one. I would buy them all, spend all this money. But frankly could not follow any of them. Normally, most of weight loss programs are digital files with a lot of confusing words upfront and some exercise instructions and food recipes inside. So to start such a program I would need to read and to understand the whole program first. Which is extremely boring. As if I don’t have anything else to do! After which I would need to plan everything myself. This is when I start panicking!

First when I start a weight loss program – I really want to start immediately! I don’t want to read a book before I start. Enough books! And I don’t what to schedule anything myself. If I would be able to schedule – I would have lost all this weight years ago. In The Art of Fat War I receive daily emails which tell me what to do the next day. I simply follow these instructions (as far as I am able to because I also can be lazy once and then), knowing that I am well on my way to lose weight.

Second, most weight loss programs provide some intricate recipes to follow in daily cooking. Something like: take 1 ounce of chicken breast, once cracker, one cherry tomato etc. I can’t eat 1 ounce of chicken breast. If I cook 8 ounce chicken breast – I will eat it all up! I simply can not cut it in eight pieces for eight days. And please don’t make me opening these crackers. They will be gone in a matter of 3 minutes! I get extremely stressed with such instructions. Not to mention that I can’t cook, and that any intricate recipes requiring extensive ingredients shopping stress me out completely. The food instructions by The Art of Fat War are like a breath of fresh air. No extensive cooking and no stressing. At the same time the guidelines given empower me to develop my own food ritual which suits me best.

Third, most weight loss program emphasize one thing in favor of all others as "The Only Way" to lose weight. The Art of Fat War is a game, employing all different healthy strategies we can think of. It is impossible to win a war with one single weapon. It is all about playing by stratagem and employing various techniques until the final Victory is celebrated!

I am in my Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War now. Until now I have won three battles: battle for 10 pounds, battle for 20 pounds and battle for 30 pounds of weight loss. Currently I am in early stage of my 40 pounds campaign. I will follow through till full capitulation of 60 pounds excess weight!

Virpi Virtanen ~ Weight Loss 33 lbs ~ Singapore

I noticed my friend looking for volunteers to try her weight loss program The Art of Fat War in July, and I thought that this would be exactly the kick I would need to get my lifestyle in better balance. One integral part of the program was receiving pair of Perfect Tights.

At first I was bit hesitant wearing Perfect Tights because of genetic disorder lymphoedema my legs are thick as tree trunks and wearing anything very skin-hugging especially on public was pretty much out of question. But I did start wearing Perfect Tights on weekends the full day and on workdays as soon I got back home.

Soon Perfect Tights became my favorite as they were so comfortable and easy to wear even in the hot and humid climate of Singapore. I could wash them in the evening and they were dry in the morning so soon I did not even try to have any excuse for not wearing them. I started also to exercise much more in gym, at stationary bike, later jumping on mini trampoline and these tights worked with all of them.

With newly found sports enthusiasm and healthier diet I also started to lose weight fast. By the beginning of October and by my 50th birthday I had already lost 33lbs and noticed that I was already down several dress sizes.

Slowly I also started to wear Perfect Tights at work, not every day as I am trouser/pant person but at least one or two times per week. I started to wear longer tunics or dresses with my tights and felt self-confident and good.

So are the Perfect Tights in my life to stay? For me their best feature is overall comfort and easiness to use and I do think that they also keep me better focused in my healthier lifestyle. My total weight loss target is around 100lbs but I know already that this time it will work as I am already 1/3 down on the way and soon I can even look for smaller size of Perfect Tights :)

Renu Paryani ~ Weight Loss 15 lbs ~ Hong Kong

Weight loss with The Art of Fat War and Perfect Tights has inspired me to make healthy food choices. Soups and salads have added to my weight loss progress and I am looking forward to loosing more.

I loved Perfect Tights from the first day I started wearing them. They always hid my extra fat and made me look slimmer. They give such a comfortable feeling light and soft to the body.

Exercising in Perfect Tights is also fun as it gives me added boost to a beautiful me. They give me perfect shape for a whole day if I wear them at work or a day out shopping.

Mollie Silver ~ Weight Loss 9 lbs ~ USA

Hey lady, So first off, I want to congratulate you on The Art of Fat War and your awesome Perfect Tights. I love the tights, and so many people complement them, without even knowing their magic powers.

I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks, from 192 lbs to 183 lbs. Thank you very much and I am your great ambassador!
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